GastroSlides (formerly the Gastroenterology Teaching Project) offers a comprehensive, growing collection of over 3,000 images on major GI and liver disease topics. Developed by internationally renowned authors, the images are a valuable resource to help you create high-quality presentations that explain the complex concepts and processes of digestive diseases.  View the slides

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Autoimmune Liver Disease
(Autoimmune Liver Disease)

GastroSlides allows you to:

  • Develop professional presentations using the highest-quality graphics.
  • Pick and choose only the slides that you need.
  • Save time in creating presentations with images that are immediately ready for use.
  • Modify each slide in PowerPoint to create customized slides for different lectures.

GastroSlides can be used in a variety of ways, such as in presentations, lectures, Grand Rounds discussions, grant applications, publications, a teaching curriculum and for self-education.

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