Irritable Bowel Syndrome - 2006 Supplement


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Contributing Authors

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Gastroenterology Teaching Project Committee

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Post-Infectious IBS: Comparison of bowel symptoms 4 months post infection

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Post-Infectious IBS: Comparison of psychological scores 4 months post infection

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Post-Infectious IBS: Comparison of rectal histology

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The authors of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome unit reviewed publications in the field since the last update in 2004. Following this review, to keep the unit up-to-date, they prepared totally new images that review major advances in the understanding and treatment of IBS.

These slides are only available via this download and are not included on the IBS CD-ROM.

Senior Author:

Douglas A. Drossman MD
Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry
Co-Director, UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders
Division of Digestive Diseases
University of North Carolina School of Medicine at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Medical Illustrator:

Jerry Schoendorf, MAMS
Chapel Hill, NC

Release Date:

November 20, 2006